tanks, machineguns, and rifles of W.W.I

Isaac Olmeda, Jonathon Rodriguez, Pedro Serrano
    In World War 1 soldiers needed support like machine guns, tanks and rifles. These weapons offered mobility on the battlefield; they can fire from yards away allowing soldiers to switch from a vantage point to another. Tanks offered protection for the soldiers to move in and take main areas of the battlefield.
    Tanks during World War 1 were a great value to an army. The first tank was used in the battle of Somme, its nickname was little Willie. The first real working tank was used during the battle of Somme. The tanks were created to offer a better mobility on the battlefield, letting soldiers take cover and to inch forward during battle without getting shot and killed. It changed war fare because they started using tanks instead of cannons. Tanks were better because it was easier to take out infiltrate and cannons were not able to move
    Machine guns during World War 1 were main killers of the war, killing thousands of people. The crude machine gun was the first machine gun created; it was used during the civil war through 1861 to 1865. A gun named the Vicker, used by the British, could shoot 450 bullets per minute, this allowed them to have a longer duration of protecting their men and there vantage points. It changed warfare because they didnt have to realoade after every shot like the rifles.
The  riffles during world war 1 were the first riffles to have a magizine of 5 or 10 bullets. made in 1910. the riffles were used for head on battles. they would run at eachother fiering the rifles. this changed warfare  because thee old rifles used to have to realode after every shot.
So the world war 1 was a time were lots of weapons were upgraded so that people had a better chanc of winning the war. the mai weapons that were chanded were canons to tanks and 1 bullet rifles to machine guns and rifle with a  bigger mag

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