Chemical Warfare WW1 by Stephanie Feliz

We have been discussing world war one and how it changed warfare. The world war one was also known as the Great War which started at 1914 until 1918. World war one changed warfare in different ways. With poisoned gas, machine guns, and tanks are three ways the world war one changed warfare


First, poison gas helped world war one change warfare because of how terrifying that weapon was. The first gas attack happened by the French. The French used tear gas on the Germans. While Germans used poisoned gas followed by France, then Britain. Soldiers had the time to put their gas mask on but if they failed putting on the mask and the attack happened they followed by having agony for days or weeks. Poison gas can be used even when there is no attack happening.


Secondly, machine guns weighed around 300kg-600kg range. Machine guns could shoot 400-600 rounds of ammunition a minute. They were also placed slightly in front of their lives to ensure the machine gun crews had a view of the battlefield that they were aiming for. Machine guns killed more soldiers thank any other weapon that they used in world war one.

machine gun

Lastly, tanks were very slow and could only exceed up to four miles per hour. In World War one tanks first appeared at the battle of Flers – Courcelette September 1916. British sent forty nine tanks in the Flers – Courcelette Battle. By the end of the war in 1918 Britain and France produced 6,506 tanks between them.


Poisoned gas, machine guns, and tanks changed warfare. Poisoned gas changed the warfare because if they didn’t have the gas mask nothing will succeed. Machine guns changed warfare because the soldiers had to find ways to ditch them bullets and ditch you from getting shot by a bullet. The tanks changed warfare in World War one because each tank would travel from one trench to the other sides of the trenches.


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