WWI impact on society , by Ella Brunton (9.4)

When the historical event of World War I is discussed, many think about the horrible losses and bloodshed. Though this is a major part of the war, this major event in global history made a larger impact on the world than most think. World War I changed warfare and society forever with the vast advancements in militarization, weaponry, the industrialization of society, the modernization in society, and the economic growth. Though this war was tragic, it transformed the world.

World War I was a major step in modernized military techniques and machinery. Military techniques such as charging at the enemy still stood, however the importance of using trenches became more evident in 1914-1918. Trench warfare was a commonly used method in this war. In World War I; “Experts calculate that along the western front, the Allies and Central Powers dug nearly 6, 2500 miles of trenches by the end of 1914.” (http://www.pbs.org/greatwar/chapters/ch1_trench.html) The advancements in weaponry during war impacted the machinery that soldiers use today. Planes, machine guns and tanks made their first appearance in war. Only a few years after the creation of the plane by the Wright brothers, these complex machines were put to use. “Planes added threats of aerial bombing, fly by fly gun fire, and watching opposing troop’s movements.” (iarchives.nysed.gov/gallery) Machine guns had a heavy effect on the war because of the frequent usage and accuracy that these guns gave. “The development of the machine gun in the late 19th century would have its most telling effect on World War I”.(Military Strategy: Change Through Time) Tanks were also commonly used machinery during World War I. “… Tanks were well received by all armies.” (iarchieves.nysed.gov/gallery) As the war developed so did the weapons that opposing sides used. Overall as the war went on the military techniques and weaponry advanced.

World War I also led to industrialization of the world. During and after the war there was an increase in the usage of technology and more of it was being created. More products were being created for the war and home front. Many historians state this time the Industrial Revolution of America. “Americans became more industrial and urban.” (historylearningsite.co.uk). The industrialized society of America also led to the boost in the economy. “With the economy booming, Americans felt their lives improving.”(pbs.org).The middle class became stronger from the “economic boom”. The the employment rate largely improved. According to nber.org, “The total cost of World War I to the United States (was) approximately $32 billion or 52 percent of gross national product at the time.” World War I made society more industrial, and created a modernization for the public as well.

World War I led to creating society more modern. This means there was a drastic change in rights. During and after the war the shift to Women’s Rights became a major event of the 1920’s. “The home front saw a massive change in the role of women…” (historylearningsite.co.uk). Women began to voice their opinions on what they thought they should be able to do. This allowed women the ability to vote in the United States, just as men did. Sixteen million men and women marched towards the Women Right movement. 80,000 women served in World War I (as nurses).

In World War I, the military techniques, weapons, industrialization, economic growth, and modernization all changed warfare. The war not only created advancements for the battlefield but for the home front. From the change in methods to win the war, to the change in gender roles World War I impacted warfare forever. source; bbc.uk

For a WWI video click ; a-global-guide-to-the-first-world-war-interactive-documentary

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