WW1 Tank


We did research on world war one tanks and how it changed warfare throughout history. Tanks played a huge role in lots of battles which we will talk about in the following paragraphs. Tanks played a role in the battle of Somme the battle of Cambrai. In world war one tanks first appeared at the battle of the Flerscourcelette in September 1916. It was the first time tanks had ever been used in a military conflict. Also since tanks were used they went over the trenches to charge enemies instead of humans digging them out.

In world war one tanks first appeared at the battle of Flerscourcelette in September 1916. It was the first time tanks had ever been used in a military conflict. The British sent forty nine tanks into the battle. World war one tanks were very slow and couldn’t exceed miles an hour “have a top speed of 4mph on flat land, the ability to turn sharply at top speed, the ability to cross a 5-feet parapet, the ability to cross an eight feet gap, a working radius of twenty miles. The tanks rear wheels were attached for navigating the tank. ‘The Mark I was built low to the ground, and the 28 ton, armored body was spread over a 26 foot length. There was a female (no side cannon) model that carried a crew of eight that mannered 4 Vickers machine guns and one 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun. The male model (side cannon) had a compartment on each side of the tank. Each housed 6 pounder cannon. The fire power also included 3 additional Hotchkiss guns”.

End of the war By 1918 Britain and France had produced 6,506 tanks between them, Germany had produced just 20. Germany learned to deal with world war one tanks very effectively. During the battle of Amiens in 1918 72% of allied tanks were destroyed in just four days. 6 days before the end of world war one the British tank corps only had 8 tanks left. It was then used with less success at the battle of Somme the tanks weren’t very successful because by then they knew how to deal with the tanks effectively. Through the tank was highly unreliable as one would expect form a new machine –it did a great deal to end the horrors of trench warfare and brought back some mobility to the western front. At Cambrai, 400 tanks gathered for an attack in groups of 120 in teams of three. A major problem was the light armor that exposed the tank to enemy artillery and rifle fire.

In conclusion tanks have changed warfare because they were used to trample over trenches so their men wouldn’t have to dig them out it was a new way to fight with extra support even though they weren’t as advanced, or built as well they are now, they were very effective. Now the tanks are more advanced weapons cannons are stronger and the armor is upgraded and more protective than back then.

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Old Tanks


New Tanks

Alize Santiago &  Devron Marshall


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