WW1 Battlefield

Fernando Barriga and Matt Ladner


world war ones battlefield changed the world’s way of warfare.

bombs from airplanes destroyed no mans land. people would live in them for days and weeks. that’s terrible to be honest. I wouldn’t want that.

there was this one battle where a lot of people died and no one advanced. such a terrible scene. the aspects of war in world war ones’ battlefield was very bad. artillery was huge as well. the Germans used barbwire and some people would die because of that.    they acted out of stupidity when they charged with a gun in no mans land knowing that the other side has machine guns.

a lot of people would get sick and die. it was disgusting. the trenches would be so infested with filth and rats that people will get sick and die. also, people would lose there legs because it was so soaked all the time.

battlefield in world war one created a big psychological impact to destroy or create future wars. this changed a lot,sossa proj


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