World War One warfare- trenches

Denver Jackson and Stephanie Becker

History 9.1

October 24, 2014

War World 1 changed warfare in many ways. During World War one war became an awful thing. More weapons were discovered causing more soldiers to die during the war. Some examples of warfare introduced into the world during World War 1 are machine guns instead of muskets, they used submarine warfare, war in the air using helicopters or jets started going into play. Calvary became obsolete, tanks were invented, and trench warfare was used in the battles. The main way World War 1 changed warfare was by the use of trenches.War1

The first trench was built September 15, 1914. The trench stretched from North of Belgium to France. (25,000 miles) The soldiers that fought in the war got to go in the trenches. Trenches were used for protection. The soldiers got into the trench so they could avoid getting shot or bombed. The Trenches were surrounded by barbed wire fences so no one from the other ‘team’ could get into the trench. There were two types of trenches; Firing trenches which were facing the enemy’s trench. This trench was used for soldiers to hide in while firing guns, throwing bombs, and grenades. The second type of trench is communication trench. These trenches supplied food, water, ammunition, bombs and a little hospital space.

In A Trench

The soldiers that lived in the trenches were busy and stuck on a strict schedule. At 5AM the soldiers stand-to for a half hour, meaning the stand ready for attack. At 5:30AM they do rum rations. At 6AM they do another stand-to after daylight. At 7AM they eat breakfast, which is usually bacon and tea. After 8AM they clean themselves, clean the weapons, and tidy the trenches. At noon they eat dinner. After dinner they rest for a little while and have downtime. At 5PM they have some tea, at 6PM they stand-to until dusk. At 6:30PM they work all night with some time rest time. During the night they patrol, dig more trenches, put up barbed wire, and switch out some soldiers for the next day.


In conclusion, trenches changed warfare during and after World War 1 is that this was the first time anybody used trenches during battles. In all, warfare changed in and after world war is new strategies, weapons and tactics came into play. An example is before World War 1 they did not have or use flamethrower until during and after the battle. Some other advancements during this time period are the use of poison gas, tracer bullets, interrupter gear, air traffic control, depth charges, hydrophones, aircraft carriers, pilot less drones, mobile x ray machines and sanitary napkins. In World War 1, the use of warfare changed in many ways.

sleeping guy in trench



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