world war 1 guns

Solomon Flowers

Damien Duke Jr.



How did world war one change warfare?

How did World War 1 change warfare? We are researching how guns in World War 1 changed warfare. Guns in World War 1 changed warfare throughout history, and the submachine gun was introduced, it changed battle strategies as well.

Guns evolved in World War 1. They introduced the sub machine gun. In this book called Pistol revolvers and Submachine Guns it says, “The need for submachine guns had its origins in World War 1, as a method of clearing the enemy trenches of solders at close range. Fast firing semi-automatic fitted with a detachable stock. Germans and Italians made it first.” This changed warfare because the Germans and Italians are coming up with new battle strategies by using machine guns to get closer to enemy trenches and kill enemies in trenches.

“Machine guns needed 4-6 men to work them and had to be on a flat surface. They had the fire-power of 100 guns.” Machine guns were so huge; it took about 6 men to control them. “Large field guns had a long range and could deliver devastating blows to the enemy but needed up to 12 men to work them. They fired shells which exploded on impact.” These guns were really powerful.

“The main weapon used by British soldiers in the trenches was the bolt action rifle. 15 rounds could be fired in a minute and a person 1,400 meters away could be killed.” These guns were powerful enough to kill somebody who wasn’t even that close to the weapon.

Guns in World War 1 impacted warfare in many ways. In this article is says “when established in fixed strong points sited specifically to cover potential enemy attack routes, the machine gun proved a fearsome defensive weapon. Enemy infantry assaults upon such positions invariably proved highly costly.” This means that an enemy would be scared when they saw certain weapons, but would have to pay the price for coming in contact.

In conclusion, guns changed world war one in many ways. Submachine guns changed the way they battled, and guns overall took people’s lives.,,,, pistols, revolvers and submachine guns book.


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