World war one: machine guns

Jada and Yanely


How world war one changed warfare?

Over the past week Yanely and I have been researching how machine guns in world war one changed warfare. We have found many things that show why and how machine guns affect the war. Machine guns changed war fare. Machine guns changed how war fare was seen in the battlefield.

How was the Gatling guns created in ww1?

In 1855 John browning was a boy who built a rifle bit of scrap metal. His idea for automatic weapons came from the hand cranked Gatling gun of era. The Gatling guns is one of the best known early rapid- rite weapons and fore runner of the modern machine guns, which was the first time it was employed in combat.

How Vickers machines guns used?

Machine guns, which they came to domite and even to personal the battlefield of world war I. One popular machine gun during the time was the British Vickers Machine Gun. The British Vickers machine gun was fired by a team of two to warn their army of a possible gas attack. Vickers machine guns were introducing to the British army in 1912 and quickly saw war. The Vickers fired in the 303 British cartridges from 250 round.

The experience of fighting in the early clashes and in the first battle of Ypres. They had to prove that machine guns required special tactics and organize by November 22 1926.

How did Vickers machine gun change war?

Machine guns inflicted appalling casualties on both war fonts during world war one. Machine guns were one of main killer on the war and accounted for many thousands of death. Many soldiers barely got out of their trench before they were cut down.

Overall in world war machine guns were created to shoot the opposing force and still keep a safe place to hide in the trenches. Machine guns changed how war fare was seen in the battlefield. Using machine guns in war overtime have led to upgrades to be better to fight in war and to have a nice aim shoot to the opposing force. Many machine guns were built for war. The first machine gun used to be hand cranked was the Gatling gun in 1855. Over time the Vickers machine gun was invented, which was a great invention throughout time. Once the Vickers gun was invented it allowed war it benefited war.

How was the machine gun used in war? “Weapons of war”

: Vickers machine gun

:Gatling gun


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