Weapons of World War 1


Justin Gause and Antony




There were many different weapons in World War 1. They have improved their weapons from previous wars. They went from muskets to rifles and tanks. Weapons are an important part to war. The most important and most valuable weapon is the gun. The gun makes it so you wouldn’t have to run and go knife a person. You could shoot from long range. One of the other things they used was gas.

Gas is a really important weapon because you can blind people or they will make it so you can’t breathe. The German army were the first to use the chlorine gas.” Chlorine gas causes a burning sensation in the throat and chest pains.” The weather must be right if you want to use the chlorine gas. If the wind is in the wrong direction it could end up killing your own troops rather than the enemy. Mustard gas was one of the most deadly weapons used. It was fired into the trenches in shells. It takes 12 hours to take effect.” Effects include: blistering skin, vomiting, sore eyes, internal and external bleeding.” Death can take up to five weeks. Another weapon that was strongly used was the machine gun.

“The machine gun needs 4 to 6 men to work them and it has to be on a flat surface.” The machine gun had the fire power of 100 guns. The large field guns had a long range and it could deliver huge blow to the enemy but they needed 12 men to work them. They had fired shells that exploded on impact. Another weapon used was the rifle. The rifle was the main weapon for the British soldiers in the trenches. Fifteen rounds could be fired in a minute and a person 1,400 meters away could be killed. Guns have also changed strategy and tactics in war.

With guns you can stay back or pick how you want to do things differenced. The strategy has changed a lot now that they have guns. They can attack from a whole lot of different places now. You’re not going to have to run out there with just a sword or a knife you could be down in a trench and you can have a gun. Guns change war a lot and without guns then war would be a lot different.

These are just some of the many weapons used in World War 1. Some more of them are tanks and planes. They had a lot of different weapons for air, sea, and land. One of the most interesting things in World War 1 was the weapons. We found the weapons the most interesting thing. That is one of the many reasons why we picked weapons. There were many different weapons in World War 1.


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