War plans and strategies

Destiny Villanueva

April Pajak



World War 1 changed warfare in many ways. Technology changes warfare for everyone because throughout history technology was more advanced. During World War 1, you can see the changes in technology from previous wars. For example, in the Civil War their guns needed to be loaded after every shot and in WW1 the guns didn’t have to be reloaded and can shoot up every few rounds and the bullets went further. The Civil War used horses as transportation while World War 1 used vehicles, tanks, and helicopters. WW1 was a huge war that began in Europe due to conflicts from other countries. Those conflicts were militarization, allies, unifications, nationalism, and wanting to have balance of power. Those countries that had these conflicts were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, and Spain. During World War 1, the countries had to plan war plans and strategies to be able to be led to victory.

In every war throughout history, there was a plan and strategy to that led to victory. Sometimes the plans and strategies didn’t go as planned and it would have a negative impact. In the Civil War their plans were, standing in a line and firing guns one by one. It changed in World War 1 because they would stay in trenches to protect themselves and they would shoot the enemy. Trenches were big tunnels on the surface that were narrow and hard to get through. On the outside they had put barbed wires so that the enemy would get caught. For example, a plan back in World Ward 1 was,”Courht Alfred von Scnlieffen was chief of the general strategy in 1914. Scnlieffen’s plan was to use the rail road system to transport troops and move German soldiers against France mobilized.” (World War 1: History of Warfare)

World War 1 had more people involved than in the Civil War. The people who were involved were 4 million non-white people who were African troops, Indians, French, Germans, Americans, and British. Australia was part of the British Empire. Germany, Britain, and France were the major countries that were involved in the war. Britain had their strong naval force and that helped them to move in water. Germany started to upgrade to more powerful weapons and dug trenches. France started their trenches and had a good amount of weapons and there were in good quality. To have everything they needed for war, they used war plans and strategies to be able to fight against the enemy which lead them to create a balance of power.

Throughout history war has changed through many ways. The war plans and strategies were more advanced throughout the years because throughout history, the technology was always advanced. For example, the Civil War and World War 1 were very different. The Civil war strategies were simpler than the World War 1 strategies. World War 1 was more complexed because they had better weapons and trenches to hide and protect themselves from any harm. Also, transportation in World War 1 made it easier to get around. World War 1 had shown the most improvement since the Civil War. World War 1 was “THE WAR TO END ALL WAR.”



Men stand prepared for battle

Men stand prepared for battle



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