The Slaughter Of World War 1 by:Sha’Lynn Howard & Angela Lyons

gas_attackWar1untitled 1

In 1916 the most devastating and gruesome battles in human history took place on the western front. The goal of the German commanders wasn’t territory but to “Bleed his enemy to death”. As slaughter continued with no significant gains in territory by either side. “Ten million were killed and more than ten million injured”. This introduces our topic which is “What led to world slaughter”. The answer to this question is weapons and how they affected so much in this time.


Weapons Used:

Various weapons were used to fight and effected people across the globe and the militants in World War One. 476 tanks were one of the weapons used in battle. 8,200 bodies were produced during the battles with these tanks at the end. Another weapon used was Self Powered Machine Guns. The range on these guns were 1,000 yards and it fired 600 rounds per minute. The third type of weapon used were Bayonets. These were mostly, accurately and chiefly used as a psychological weapon. Another weapon that was dominate during this time were Flamethrowers. This “Sheet of Flame” terrorized The British in 1915. The last and the most powerful weapon even until this day is a Riffle. This is still used today in infantry and was the greatest assets during war. Their weapons were their technology and their technology was more advanced than their strategy during this time and that was one of their major downfalls as a whole.



Verdun War:


In 1916 there was months of battle and nothing was being accomplished. The quote from the book states: “Several months of bloody and merciless fighting, they achieved little apart from death & destruction on an unbelievable scale”. In each battle it was based on the concept of attrition. The outcome was there was no significant territory captured by each side. Both French & German armies suffer dreadful losses. The reading states: “His aim was to kill France’s soldiers, not necessarily to capture French territory”. This says a lot and shows the Germany army’s goal.


The Battle of the Somme:

In 1916 the outcome had huge casualties on both sides. The Germans were driven back six miles and their morale was badly hit. The first day was the worst in history of the British army. The book states: “The British suffered 60,000 casualties that day including almost 20,000 killed. This massacre lasted so long, five grueling months of terror. The months were July – November.


In conclusion, weapons of mass destruction did their jobs which was cause havoc, turmoil and ended with millions of people dead or injured. This resulted to no one achieving their goals sadly.




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