Terrell, World War I The Schlieffen Plan

Terrell Burgos

October 23, 2014

9.1 History

The Schlieffen Plan

How did World War I change warfare? In my response I will be explaining the process and purpose of the Schlieffen Plan made by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen in December 1905. The Schlieffen plan is a piece of world war one and how it has changed warfare by tactics and strategy of war.

The Schlieffen plan is a strategy plan used by the Germans for a way to sweep some of the France army so Germany could avoid a two front war. It was the fear of Germany for a two front war, that’s the main reason why The Schlieffen plan was made. This specific plan turned into a worse situation because Germany needed to sweep through Belgium (a neutral country) into France to Encircle Paris. Sweeping through Belgium has been noticed by Great Britain, and then soon after has been attacked by the British with the France armies.

The French needed to be defeated in six weeks or less. This was needed because Germany had assumed that Russia would take six weeks to mobilize. If succeeded then Germany would use the modernized rail system to move trooped from the French operation to the Russian Front.

This Schlieffen Plan has changed warfare by strategy and tactics. Doing this tactic has made World War I worse for Germany and has suffered a great loss. If the strategy was more thought out then Great Britain wouldn’t have been involved with the France and Germany fight. But this has changed strategy because now countries are smarter and careful with their tactics in battles after World War I.




http://spartacus-educational.com/FWWschlieffenP.htmThe Schlieffen Plan


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