Tanks Warfare

Danaisia Gamble
How Did World War 1 Change Warfare?
World War 1; Tanks
What are Tanks?
In 1899, beginning of the war tanks were also known as “motor-war car “. Tanks traveled at the speed of 35 miles per hour, due to its weight. Tanks were a heavy armored vehicle that carries guns, firepower, terrain mobility and moving on a continuous articulated metal track the motioned across “No Man’s Land” providing protection. Tanks helped get rid of the stalemate of World War 1’s trench warfare. The British made the first tank and it was used it to break up the stalemate of No Mans’ Land. The British and the French used the tanks, but both countries were allies.

What was the purpose of tanks?
The ideas of the tanks were to get them from one side to another side of the trenches. Also used for protection when war was active. The tanks carried weapons and armors extremely vulnerable unless it was accomplished by infantry along with ground aircraft, which both worked to pin point and supplies antitank defenses. They were usually unwieldy unreliable and unapproved instruments of warfare. They had functions and value at all, on the battlefield. The tanks increased mobility on the western front and broke up the stalemate of the trenches.

How did tanks change warfare?
Tanks changed warfare due to traversed trenches and tore while imperious machine guns and other arms while delivering necessary fire power to their troops. Tanks got rid of the idea of trenches, and brought back the mobility of the western front. The tanks changed warfare because it allowed soldiers and there weapons to travel easier, verses one man carrying heavy weapons on the battlefield. The tanks gave a better alternative to the horses.
In conclusion, tanks are heavy metal vehicles that were moved through trenches to protect soldiers. The British and the French were the ones to use them during world war one and carry heavy armored weapons that one man himself can’t do. When the tanks were designed, they were the design of trenches, and made the sides of the tanks long enough so it’d be called as a “bridge” and have the trench alone. They had an idea to make the tanks bigger so that the tank wouldn’t bridge over the surface but fall into the trenches, so it couldn’t be lead out. Tanks changed warfare because they got rid of the idea of trench warfare.

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