How weapons of air chaged warfare

The War That Will End All War

Jasmine Wilson

Yonny Morales

October23, 2014

How did World War I change warfare?

How the weapons of air changed warfare is by making new weapons. The weapons were easier to be dropped from the sky, and it was un expected , causing there to be more conflict. Air weapons were equally important to world war I.(w.w.I)

First, before the 20th century Britain’s civilians were not affected by war. “ Count von zeppelin (Germany army officer) flew his air ship in 1910. In 1914 when the war started the German armed forces had several Zeppelin’s (travel 18.5 mph) which carried up to two tons of bombs. The lift was created to pass over the top of a curved surface. It was used to get an Arial view of the war land, and to drop bombs on trenches.

Next, air weapons helped in World War I for many reasons. They were…

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