How did world war 1 changed warfare?

Quiana Rodriguez

Evan Payne


In Social Studies we have the question, “How did World War 1 change warfare?” Now with this question we can talk about anything weapon related. My partner, Evan and I, looked at different weapons/ artillery used in the war and we chose to talk about tanks. World War 1 changed warfare with tanks…..

Our research topic is tanks. Tanks obviously were used to try to eliminate the other side/ enemy. Tanks had four people in them. The driver, the loader, the gunner, and the commander. Tanks weren’t tanks in 1914, they were called,” land ships”. There were a total of 49 tanks in the beginning of World War 1. “Tanks being deployed far forward are an indication of offensive action; tanks in depth is an indication of defensive action” by Norman Schwarzkopf. This shows how the tanks were used strategically, as well as how they helped during World War 1 in general. These tanks did have a lot of power. They could crumble anything or anyone in their way. But tanks were slow they only moved four miles per hour. They weren’t fast enough to do too much damage.

Land ships, or modernly called “tanks” became very popular, especially from Great Britain’s point of view. There were 48 total tanks used in one British line, however, in the early 2000’s, 589 were ordered for the British defense and military enforcements. That is a 541 amount difference and it shows that World War 1 changed warfare. Instead of using less powerful guns on foot, they decided to use a high powered cannon and a small machine gun built into one complete unit that could barrel through enemy defenses. Captain Jeff Simmons from the British army states “After much trial and error, the British and French produced useful tanks in WWI, but why didn’t the Germans? The severely flawed design of German tanks led them to capture Allied tanks, repaint them with an iron cross, and then turn them back against the Allies.” This shows that the design of tanks has changed and that warfare has come to a point where it is crucial to appreciate the vehicle we know as a tank, because it has redirected warfare in a positive direction for all countires.

Our president, Barak Obama says “You mentioned the Navy … and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of the military’s changed.” This means that eventually, tanks became more evolved over time, and vast amounts of them were made, and ammunition size increased along with more advanced armor and equipment. Tanks changed warfare, because they were one of the only mobilized attacks other than on foot. Also, they were the only vehicle available to use that protected the soldiers, as well as produce an attack towards the enemy line. Back before 1914, soldiers often used horses and charged the enemy with bayonets. Then in 1914 tanks were invented, thus changing warfare.











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