How Trench Warfare changed warfare

Jariell Reyes
Kevin Rivera
October 21, 2014
History 9.4
World War 1 Project

“The war that will end all wars”. This was said about World war One expecting it to be the last of the wars. July 28, 1914 is the day when war got revolutionized. There are many ways in which World War 1 revolutionized war. Trench warfare revolutionized war strategy for centuries. We are researching topics during World war one and explaining how they revolutionized war forever. This is how trench warfare transformed war forever. It created new strategies, caused famine and made a huge impact on civilization during that time period.
Trench Warfare was said to be established by September 1914, they were first used by the Russians and Japanese as well as Americans. The massive armies of 1914 initially fought a war of movement and any trenches dug were only for temporary cover. Then overtime Trenches become bases and permanent places for armies to wait until the war started. The full stretch of trenches were 650 km in total and in the trenches there is about 4 inches of space for every solider. “All the world pain and weariness, fear and anxieties, the bloodshed and destruction, innumerable torn bodies of men and horse”. This quote connects to the atmosphere around the trenches were and the emotion surrounding the trenches. Torn bodies almost every and full on destruction, while the surviving soldiers felt fear and anxiety throughout the war.
Famine struck soldiers all throughout the trenches because of diseased rodents and irritating pests. “Rats in their millions infested trenches, Infantry attempted to eliminate them by stabbing, chasing and even shooting at them” Not only were they trying to survive from gunfire they were also trying to survive disease. Lice inhabited the solders closed, even when decontaminated the lice still laid eggs. These lice created an illness called trench fever; symptoms follow as a sudden shooting pain and a fever. Troops utilized a new method of strategy instead of the battle being all out offensive the army with the better defense usually came out on top. Artillery and machine guns typically caused the most casualties on both offense and defense. Flanks were also used within the trenches. Trench warfare truly transformed both strategy and famine.
Trench warfare was a turning point in warfare itself. It created a sense of strategy that will travel on throughout wars in the coming centuries. Trenches were one of the reasons world war 1 changed warfare in the world itself, from World war 1 to World war 2 trenches have become a main factor in cover, protection, and to create a base or hold out until they can move on forward. Without trenches warfare wouldn’t really change and strategy would be shallow and not effective but the trenches changed that and even though there strategy isn’t as affective as strategies we have today but the trenches contributed to thoughts ideas and knowledge of strategies we have today “We fight not to destroy a nation but a nest of evils”. World war one trenches truly transformed warfare forever.
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