How submarines contributed to World War 1?

Modesto Garcia and Aliser Orsino

Social Studies 9.4




What were submarines and what were they used for?

            “The most significant exception to the concept of coastal activity was a German Deutschland class of merchant U-boats, each 315 feet long with two large cargo compartments. These submarines could carry 700 tons of cargo at 12 – 13 knot speeds on the surface and at seven knots submerged”. Submarines strength and power were critically needed to assist their side in winning or conquering the other opponents. Depending on the country submarines or “U-boats” are either made of flexible steel, titanium, or Glass reinforced plastic. Compared to now submarines are still used for sneaking underwater strategies and plans but we also use it now to explore the seas and we also now use radar trackers or sensor detectors for their surroundings to make sure there safe. (


How did submarines really contribute to World War 1?

Submarines (also named U-boats) contributed to World War 1 in multiple ways. For starters, they contributed to World War 1 by sinking supply ships in the Atlantic. Due to this action, supply ships couldn’t bring over materials or weapons required to use at the war or against other nations. Torpedoes were used in the 19th century to launch attacks on enemies from above the land or underwater as well. Submarines assisted in conquering opposing sides during battle with unexpected attacks. (Cooke, Tim. Submarines. Mankato, MN: Brown Bear Books Limited, 2012. Book)


(Cooke, Tim. Submarines. Mankato, MN: Brown Bear Books Limited, 2012. Book)



What technology did they use in submarines during World War 1?


Submarines used technology over 200 years old. Torpedoes were a type of bomb used to defend and conquer. They were one of the most destructive weapons used during the First World War. Torpedoes were part of the sneaking strategies and plan they had during World War 1 and by attacking underwater with a torpedo, it would be a fast and swift way to conquer another land or nation from below.


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