Guns and Chemical Gases

Jalen Bruce
Isaiah Mccaskill
October 23, 2014
Do you think World War I was just basic or very cheap technology? Well in World War I the technology had improved so well, that if was a vital thing to have in war. Such as a machine gun was point of the war. Also the chemical part of the war had progress in the past wars. In the civil war it started with the musket guns to shoot at people, but later as they progress they made the machine gun. Which was more deadly than the musket guns and the spears and swords. Machine guns and chemical warfare change war by increasing the amounts of casualties.

Musket ball guns was big thing to have in civil war. The way how a musket gun works is, you get how many little balls you can carry, and you keep reloading as you shoot. Also it doesn’t shoot far at all it went 300 yards. So basically you had to go to a certain spot to shoot, by time you try to get to that spot you have somebody coming behind and trying to kill you. But later on technology has grown, because instead of taking forever to load and shoot, they created the machine gun where it held more bullets and didn’t need constant reloading. The machine gun helps out so much because the amount of causalities increased.

The way chemical warfare was a big part of WWI because chemical gases were a deadly thing that can kill over 100,000 people. But the catch was you had to have a masked to have fresh air because if you didn’t put that mask on, the gas will back fire. Also if the opponent had the mask on it suffered them by frightening them to think there about to die. So chemical gases was a surprise attack to the enemies because once there worry about the gas they will attack you with their guns.

In conclusion, the way how technology (guns and chemical gases) change WWI because the weapons have evolved and became what they became today. It changed warfare because we use machine guns and is probably the most used gun today in war. Also when we use chemical gases it is a good help as using a distraction or using to kill a whole army. So when you have to big weapons on your side your basically unstoppable to be defeated, that’s why countries tries to get machine guns and chemical gases.

Gas mask used in France during WWI



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