Artillery and Strategy Planing in WW1. Gina Daniele, Silas Bannister, and Javier Munoz

Artillery is technology that changed war forever. In World War 1 artillery, which was like cannons and such were linked up with air power. The planes would watch the weapons and artillery while they were in combat. In world war one the cannons were so powerful that they would cause more injuries. In the video “slaughter” the artillery was used to “Bleed out the trench”. With the cannons being so powerful it would be easy to kill a lot of people at once. In the war the artillery was known as the “Invention of the war”. The artillery was very important in the war because it used in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Artillery was a key component inside of these events.


In 1918 the British waited for the Americans to come to them to be dedicated. The US came to war because of Germany’s declaration. The military commanders and theorists throughout history have formulated what they considered to be the most important strategic and tactical principles of war. Classification of actual military types of maneuvers and their variation may have long been a part of military science. Artillery was used in these important strategic and tactical principals. During combat which helped them get into enemy’s trenches so they would be able to attack closely and have back up in close range.


The artillery is placed above the trenches going in the direction of the opposing forces as front line weaponry.

My topic changed world war one because there was a lot of violence. There were many leaders that represented countries and they had combat strategies and used weapons. The artillery was very dangerous and thus it had a big impact by being able to have so much power. With the power came more injuries thus it changed world war one with all the violence. The war was violent because of a lot of fatalities because of the type of weapons used in combat. This meant that the countries used these weapon’s had a big advantage. With a big advantage countries were able to get out of no man’s land and into enemy trenches.

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