air planes

Juan Morales



How did World War 1 change warfare?

World War 1 changed warfare through the industrial evolution in which new military technology was created. Major Powers all collaborated in this war using revolutionary technology. For example, the aerial warfare came into place for the first time. Aerial warfare contributed a lot with World War 1; it gave nations more mobility and fire power. It was very necessary for a revolutionary war.

Before aerial warfare came into place, the only way of battle was through land and on water. The new technology gave new opportunities in battle. Until World War 1, wars were fought with swords, muskets, shields were used, and sail ships with big heavy cannons. Some might have the fire power but lack mobility while on the other hand, it could be the opposite. “Advances in materials and processes used to construct aircraft have led to their evolution from simple wood truss structures to the sheik aerodynamic flying machines today”. These machines have heavy fire power and mobility to do their jobs and destroy the enemy.

The Germans were one of the first to make use of this new technology. According to a website “German armed forces had several zeppelins, each capable of traveling at about 85m.p.h and carrying up to two tons of bombs”. This shows that these new advancements led to the capability of grater fire power. America was not left behind. They had produced their own fighter planes; “During WW1, the air service used the DH-4 primarily for day bombing, observation and artillery spotting”. Planes made good like spotting dangerous primary artillery. If planes didn’t exist then troops would fall straight into a trap. It proved that World War 1 was going to be very different from any war the planet had ever experienced.

There is no doubt that WW1 changed warfare forever. Some might think it’s a bad thing and others might just not care, but the fact is it happened and it affected everyone in some way. Airplanes are just another product that collaborated with this life changing event. Airplanes were used for more mobility and fire power in order to have an opportunity at winning this war, not just any war but the “war that will end all war”.



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