How WWI Changed warfare

Aylin Raiford



How World War I Changed War.

I think that World War I changed warfare for good. One way I think World War I changed warfare for good is because of its trenches. Trenches were a new way of warfare that involved digging holes to take cover and travel in.

Trenches were a key topic in World War I. But there were also many problems with trenches. Trenches were very cruel environments to live in. There were many Diseases going around, there were rat infestations, and there were also lice and rats the size of cats. There was daily death in World War I trenches. And this became normal to them. The trenches also sparked boredom. On the first day of trench warfare there were many deaths due to skilled snipers. Each soldier only had 4 inches of space to deal with so they were basically shoulder to shoulder. The trenches were dug in a zigzag pattern and reached to about 475 Miles by the end of 1914. Trenches were a major difference in war which caused war to change for good.

Muddy Trenches

World War I also changed war because of its new submarine and its AH-64 attack helicopter. The AH-64 Was made with the strongest metals known to humans. They often armed with 16 missiles at the max. The codename for these missiles was called “Hell fire”. The AH-64’s top speed was 182 Miles per hour. Its length was 18 Meters long. 5ts wingspan was 15 Meters long. And its Weight was 11,390 Pounds. Wow this thing is a beast. Now let’s move on to the submarine.


The submarine held a crew of 14 officers but there were 126 enlisted. The length of the submarine was 110.3 Meters long. The beam was 10 Meters long. The max speed of this submarine was 21 KTS. Submarines were used for water warfare. A long-range Fired from a submarine can be nuclear or conventional. Nuclear missiles can wipe out whole cites, conventional missiles are for taking out military targets. So Submarines and AH- 64’s were also two others things that changed war for good.

WWI Submarine






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