How Did Aircraft Change Warfare?

Azuka Anoje


9.4 world history

How did Aircrafts change warfare?

Aircrafts changed warfare because they were basically trump cards (when an enemy has a trump card it’s something that is above others like trap holes, land mines, an airplanes or a trick). The reason Aircrafts were a trump card was because could be used to bomb enemy’s or gun them and that wasn’t fair because they were so high so regular guns didn’t work and the only way they could be shoot down was with other planes or anti-aircraft guns.

The first Aircraft created and what they were used in ww1?

The first Aircraft that was ever created was on December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers. Aircrafts were originally meant to be used for sports but then it started being used for war. Airplanes were used to do air racing. This was a sport when pilots would race a far distance, going through dangers path and sometime death. When WW1 started airplanes were used for used for spycams and they could send pictures to their commanders so they could see what the enemy were going.

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Fighters in the sky and the evolution of Aircrafts!

After planes became used for war almost evey country had them. During 1918 planes became so important they were over thousands of them. It was dangerous for people who were fighting on ground because as planes were fighting in the sky they would get shot and crash into the ground.airplane

When commanders were worried about losing, they would make theit enginerer make the planes better. After months of hardwork engineres were able to keep making their bombs bigger and install it onto planes without the plane going down cause it was to heavy and they were able to make their bullets stronger and faster. Shortly after the enemy found out that wepaons were no match for what the others had and they started to try to upgrade their weapons or bettter give their airplanes armor which was a bad idea because the planes would get to heavy and fall before it even went 15 ft because as we know gravity keeps us on the ground so the plane would crash cause death to everyone around them.  ZF8pn372